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Betty loved roses. They were her favorite. Betty never liked the thought of artificial flowers, especially in cemeteries.

When Betty died after a long illness, her husband Bill wanted to figure out a way to keep a single long stemmed rose by her graveside every day of the year. But Bill lived in Minnesota. The delicate petals of a rose could never survive the wind, snow and sub-zero temperatures without protection.

So he came up with the idea to seal a live rose in a plastic tube. After much testing the tube proved to work perfectly. As long as temperatures stay below 32° F the tube creates a seal that traps just enough moisture in to keep the live rose from wilting or drying out.

Once temperatures go above 32° F, silk roses can be placed in the tube as well as a photo of your loved one. Testing has shown some pictures will stay without fading for several months.

The stand also had to be able to withstand long cold winters, so Bill created the stand out of a metal he knew could environmentally withstand just about anything, stainless steel.

Bill has gotten his wish. He can now keep a single red rose by Betty's grave as a testament of his love for her and for her love of roses. Bill knew others had to feel the same as he did so he started marketing this special rose saver ... and he lovingly named this special tube for preserving roses the Betty's Rose Saver.

Whats Included:

The Betty Rose Saver Overview

  • Keeps a live rose fresh all winter long!
  • Keeps a silk rose (or other flower) protected!
  • Insert a flower ... a photo ... or both!
  • Deer and Other Rodent Proof!
  • Use as a cemetery memorial or marker in the garden, your home, on your deck, anywhere!
  • Stainless Steel Stand (unpainted)!
  • No maintenance required - Guaranteed!
  • Great memorial for departed pets!